Privacy Policy

Automatic data collection and processing of personal data

This web service is open to all and no registration is required for browsing the pages. The site may also have a login section. No personal information which could identify the user, is collected from users of the online service. Statistical information of the use of the service may be collected from the total number of visitors to the service, the most popular pages, the service entry pages, the exit pages, or other similar information. Google Analytics may be used to collect statistical information on a website. The Google Privacy Policy is available at

The data is stored to ensure the technical implementation and use of the online service, and to support R&D and marketing. Only the personnel performing the aforementioned tasks may process the identification data to the extent required by their duties. Personal data may not be disclosed to unauthorized persons except as otherwise provided by law.

Feedback, contact request, etc. can be sent through the contact form. If you want an answer to a feedback sent via a feedback form or email, you will need to send feedback with contact information. Messages sent through the contact form are archived into the service.

When sending feedback containing personal information, please note that if feedback form or e-mail message has been sent from unsecured network, the security level is poor and the confidentiality and protection of the information cannot be fully guaranteed. This should be taken into account in particular with regard to privacy-sensitive information.

The registry is maintained by the website owner.