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Company – Eko-Expert Oy

  • Business ID: 0839082-4
  • CEO Ilari Hirvensalo
  • We operate all around Finland
  • Office in Järvenpää
  • Member of Association for Finnish Work
  • Member of Suomen Yrittäjät RY
  • Member of Puhallusyrittäjät RY
  • VTT Product certificate
  • Rewarded with YJY Environmental Reward in 2006

Eko-Expert's services include:

  • All types of blown wool on the market
  • High-power vacuuming
  • LECA®, gravel and foam glass blowing service
  • Recycling of insulation materials
  • Production and sales of blown wool machines
  • Eko-Expert serves you in both attic and base floor renovations
  • As a part of our attic foundation renovation service we can either replace the insulation completely or add more to the current insulation. We also perform other compacting and renovation works. The service includes all types of blown wool on the market. 
  • Crawl space foundation renovation includes high-power vacuuming and blowing LECA, crushed stone and glass foam as well as other renovation and cleaning services.   

"Based on what I have seen I can say the job went well with
Eko-Expert in regards of LECA and blown wool."

Juha NieminenHartela

"Our cooperation has gone great. The customer service
has been good and professional. The work was finished
on schedule and the quality of the product was as agreed."

Pasi HamunenRakennuskartio Oy

"Things went ok."

Kari KeränenSkanska

"We have been satisfied with Eko-Expert.
Nothing to comment on. The guys have always taken initiativive
in blowing wool. Everything has gone well."

Mikko LehikoinenUudenmaan Rakennuspalvelu

"Everything went as we agreed. I have done many projects with them.
They will most likely provide wool for our current project as well."

Juha KarhuUudenmaan Mestari-Rakentajat Oy

"I have ordered wool from them many times."

Mika RautioRealco

"Everything went nicely."

Vesa RantanenTurun Teollisuuden Rakentajat Oy

"We have 12 detached or semi-detached houses here on our worksite.
All roofs were insulated with Eko-Expert's blown wool.
Everything went nicely according to plan."

Mika PeltonenHausia Oy

"Things have gone great, nothing bad to say.
Eko-Expert and the contact person have taken care of things well."

Matti OrelaJärvenpään Isännöintipalvelu Oy

"Eko-Expert has always worked well with us."

Hannu LaurentoRakennus Oy Wareco